Education program

Cooperative Japanese training program for engineers to work in Japan

Japanese training for engineers working in Japan have qualified to Japanese N2 or more (not must pass exams), aims to meet the standards of the Japanese business associate, improve work in Japan.
+ Has graduated from university or are about to graduate university (Requires graduation certificate) in mechanics, electricity - electronics, information technology and chemistry. As follows:
* The mechanics:
Includes: Structure, chassis, exterior, interior, plastic, metal molds, sheet metal, engineering calculations, experimental features, engines, machinery manufacturing, engineering production technology, CAE analysis, 3DCAD ....
* The Electronics - Electrical:
Includes: IC, LSI, MSK, checking reliability, control order and design of high frequency / low frequency, digital analog ...
* Information technology industry:
Includes: Engineering servers, software drivers, Debug, networks, databases, information systems, encryption, applications, firmware, programming, object-oriented programming, using - storage - management, ....
* The Chemistry:
Includes: Manage, operate technological equipment systems in the fields of chemical, food, pharmaceutical, petroleum, environment, system design and calculation, product development, analysis and manage product quality. Engineer technology, chemical plant design, plastic, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, new material technology ...
+ Age under 32 years old, in good health does not have a contagious disease.
+ English communication is prefered.
+ There are dreams to work in Japan (at least 3 years).
+ People can work permanently in Japan: the person can work full potential, not only for people who wish to participate in training Japanese.
+ The family to participate in training programs in Japanese and allowed to work in Japan and is the guarantor family solidarity.
+ Who can participate continuous learning every day, do not be late, leave early.
+ People do not have problems of living (living costs, etc ..) for the duration of the training course participants Japanese.
Training period
+ From 8 ~ 12 months and ended when satisfactory. (Depends on the Japanese level at the time of start training based on contract.)
+ Continuing education weekdays (from Monday to Friday) and 8 hours per day of self-study and classroom study.

• This is a Japanese training program - a new type of connection jobs Vietnam - Japan through collaboration with Yume Agent joint stock company.

• Japanese language training program is free the sponsorship of the company YUMEGLOBAL and students sign a contract with the company YUMEGLOBAL working for at least 3 years in Japan with the associate.

• Training programs help students after completing the course in Japanese with Japanese qualifications equivalent to N2 or more and meet the standards of Japan's corporate, can become employees now officially at least 3 years and have the opportunity to continue working later in Japan long term with working visas.

• A special feature of the program: different from other Japanese schools, the program guarantees 100% of the trainees will have long-term employment for 3 years or more in Japan if standards.

+ About the program of work in companies linked Japan:

Associated companies in Japan:

- Yumeshin Holdings Joint Stock Company, website:

- Yume Technology Joint Stock Company, website:

- Yume Agent JSC Joint Stock Company, website:

- And the company partners

How to work in the associated companies:

- Employee Recruitment

- Work is in the associated companies and partner companies (manufacturers)

- Contracted personnel dispatched to the partner company

Working conditions and remuneration in associated company Japan:

Working conditions and remuneration varies according to professional competence and qualifications of staff in Japanese. Below are references to working conditions and remuneration at an associated company Japan - Yume Technology Company.

* Wage:

University graduate: 205,000 yen or more (about 40.000 million VND or more)

* Allowances: housing allowances allowances overtime / work on holidays, allowances transferred, travel allowances, family allowances, etc ...

* Working time: 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Working fact 8H / day), vary according to workplace

* Holidays, anniversaries and New Year: 117 days / year

* Bonus: 2 times / year (June, December; from the 2nd year)

* Wage increases: 1 time / year (April)

* Social welfare: health insurance, retirement benefits, accident insurance, unemployment insurance

* Dormitory system (person / room; family dormitory): Company prepares dormitory or hotel to stay after joining the company.(Toll)

(Moving when employment is decided)

※Fee: JPY 25,000/month(Company dormitory) or JPY 31.000/month(hotel)

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