Program Overview

Cooperative Japanese training program for engineers

ObjectiveTo acquire Japanese language ability, equivalent to N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).
SubjectGraduated or expected to be graduate from university with Bachelor degree and certificate of GRADUATION majoring in:

Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, and ICT engineering.

* Mechanical Engineering:

Includes: Structure, chassis, exterior, interior, plastic, metal molds, sheet metal, engineering calculations, experimental features, engines, machinery manufacturing, engineering production technology, CAE analysis, 2D and 3DCAD.

* Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

Includes: IC, LSI, MSK, semi-conductor, digital and analog circuit, circuit board design, the power supply circuit, logic design, telecommunication, image processing, test evaluation, checking reliability

* ICT Engineering:

Includes: Engineering servers, hardware and software drivers, networks, information systems, encryption, applications, firmware, programming, debugging, using storage management

  • Age under 35 years old, in good health.
  • Participants must attend the class every day without being late or leaving early
  • Having no problem in paying the cost of living while attending the course
Training period
  • 10 ~ 12 months.
  • Classes are held every weekday (from Monday to Friday) for 8 hours per day including self-study.
  • This is a Japanese training program for Engineers - a new attempt organized by the YUMEGLOBAL's group companies.
  • Japanese training program is free for the participants, under the sponsorship of the Yume Agent.
YUMEGLOBAL's group companies in Japan:
  • Yumeshin Holdings:
  • Yume Technology:
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