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Quantity:50 PEOPLE


Qualified participants will attend Japanese language education in our Makati office. Detailed training course below :

  • Training objectives
    Training ended candidates are qualified to N2 in the Japanese - Language Proficiency Test. Aims to improve the ability to technically communicate with Japanese, not required to pass the exam.
  • Training time
    About 8 to 12 months and ended when satisfactory. Continuing education weekdays and 8 hours per day in the form of self-study and classroom study.
  • Training costs

Conditions apply

Have graduated from university or are about to graduate university (request a certificate of graduation) disciplines: mechanical, the electronic and electrical and information technology. Detailed below :

  • The mechanics:
    Includes: Structure, chassis, exterior, interior, plastic, metal molds, sheet metal, engineering calculations, experimental features, engines, machinery manufacturing, engineering production technology, CAE analysis, 2D and 3DCAD.
  • The Electronics – Electrical :
    Includes: IC, LSI, MSK, semi-conductor, digital and analog circuit, circuit board design, the power supply circuit, logic design, telecommunication, image processing, test evaluation, checking reliability.
  • Information technology industry:
    Includes: Engineering servers, hardware and software drivers, networks, information systems, encryption, applications, firmware, programming, debugging, using storage management.
  • Age under 35 years old, in good health without infections.
  • The level of English communication.
  • People can join the continuous learning every day, not be late, leave early.
  • People do not have problems of living (subsistence, etc ..) for the duration of the training course participants Japanese.

Profile and interview

  • Profiles include:
    • 1 CV in English.
    • Copy of diploma college majors are being recruited and the relevant qualification (original collation was brought directly to the interview).
    • Transcripts college.
    • Application letter in English with photo taken within the last 6 months.
    • Curriculum vitae, ID.
  • Submission:
    • Apply online or submit via email:
    • Apply in person at the Company's office:
      2nd Floor Yupangco Building, 339 Gil Puyat Avenue Bel-Air, Makati City, Philippines - Interview : Qualified candidates will be scheduled and invite directly interview at the company office: 2nd Floor Yupangco Building, 339 Gil Puyat Avenue Bel-Air, Makati City, Philippines

About the Company

  • YUMEGLOBAL CORP. has partnership with Japanese Affiliates
  • Yume Technology Corporation, JSC Yumeagent, is the largest company in Japan specialized business in the field of outsourced professional engineer, engineer appointed to work at the construction site and affiliate companies, contract - Entrusted and introduced HR.
  • YUMEGLOBAL CORP., a Japanese training program is a joint program offered by the Japanese associate company. Japanese training aims to prepare engineers to communicate with Japanese, capable Japanese for the recognition of the references written in Japanese.