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Becoming a bridge between Philippines and Japan.


Giving Filipino engineers the tools to communicate with Japanese people and transferring Japanese culture to the Philippines.

Message from CEO

Society is growing, and demand for exchanges in culture is increasing. And language is one way to help people integrate with each other in a globalized environment. Understanding the power of language provides an opportunity to thrive for every man. YUMEGLOBAL CORP. is established with collaboration with partnered companies in Japan, to implement Japanese language training programs for students who wish to improve professional skills.

By method of effective training, with a team of highly qualified teachers, our company believes that this is the best Japanese training program to help participants get the skills necessary to communicate confidently with native speakers. In addition to training Japanese language, our company also focuses on training the knowledge of the culture and traditions of Japan to help students learn Japanese culture.

YUMEGLOBAL CORP. CEO:Toshihisa Kawashita

Company information

Company name
(Formerly Yume Agent Philippines Corp.)
Establish date
December 3rd, 2015
Head Office
2nd Floor Yupangco Building, 339 Gil Puyat Avenue, Bel-Air, Makati City, Philippines
Tel : +632 8776 5679

Linked partner


Company name
Establish date
July 13th, 1989
JPY70,000,000 (as of Nov. 12th, 2019)
Daio Sato 【Representative & CEO】
3,419 employees (as of Aug. 2019)
6F, Sumitomofudosan Akihabaraekimae Building, 300 Kandaneribeicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Main services
Engineer outsourcing service, other services.

BeNext-Yumeshin Group Co.

Company name
BeNext-Yumeshin Group Co.
Yutaka Nishida, Chairperson and Representative Director
Daio Sato, President and Representative Director
Establish date
August 1997
Head office
NBF Comodio Shiodome, 2-14-1 Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0021, Japan
Stock Exchange
First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange(Stock Code: 2154)
Financial Results
Financial Results


Teaching methods

- Japanese Training Program is designed for people who wishes to pursue Japanese language competence.

- Trainee are guided to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing, to articulate in confidence.

- Professional lecture on grammar, vocabulary and effective method of learning Kanji.

- Practice listening skills through video and other clips.

- Improve reading comprehension with reading exercises.

- Follow the improvement of students through written tests, oral tests on monthly basis.

Education environment

Education environment is one of the major factors that impacts the quality of education. Good and relaxed learning environment helps students learn quickly and efficiently in an enjoyable mode.

YUMEGLOBAL CORP. always wants to give students the best learning environment with spacious, air-conditioned classrooms, with fully fitted modern equipment such as projector systems, web camera, and sound system which ensure high quality standards. Multi-media classrooms are modern, and efficient which facilitates students in sharing knowledge.

In addition to the facilities, the company also focuses on the human element in the training environment. Lecturers are young, enthusiastic with new and creative learning methods.


FREE Intensive
Japanese language training

・You can pursue up to JLPT N2 grade without any admission and tuition fees.

・Teachers are all native Japanese with Japanese language teaching certificate.

Fields of Work

Electronics / Electrical

Kĩ sư

Industries including electrical product design of electronic devices such as smartphones, electronic component design, product quality improvement, mass production.
< Example >
■ Design - Electronic circuit design according to the role and purpose of the product. Using programming language, CAD to develop systems
■ Testing and evaluating products
Testing, analyzing and evaluation of smartphones and tablets production
■ Development
Development of control systems used in cars.
Design of automotive navigation systems.


Dịch vụ

Includes: Structure, chassis, exterior, interior, plastic, metal molds, sheet metal, engineering calculations, experimental features, engines, machinery manufacturing, engineering production technology, CAE analysis, 3DCAD
< Example >
■ Site engineer
Maintenance support on site: product development facilities, factories.
Spare parts, equipment inspection, troubleshooting.
■ Product inspection and evaluation
Automotive engine tests, durability tests using PC, data collection and analysis with measuring equipment.
■ Design - Design automotive parts in 2D / 3D CAD
■ Maintenance • Assembling • Machining - Maintenance of machines and products, prototype assembly, repair, welding, machine operation.


Doanh nghiệp

Includes: Manage, operate technological equipment systems in the fields of chemical, food, pharmaceutical, petroleum, environment, system design and calculation, product development, analysis and manage product quality. Engineer technology, chemical plant design, plastic, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, new material technology
< Example >
■ Research and development of materials
Development of synthetic fibers, plastic, rubber from petroleum, natural gas as raw materials.
■ Development and analysis of water and environment quality
Development of drainage systems, equipment for analysis of cars, boats, airplanes ...
■ Development, production, quality assurance
Development of high quality displays for lighting, television, mobile phones using organic EL, product management
LCD screen output, quality assurance.

Information Technology

Doanh nghiệp

Includes: Engineering servers, software drivers, Debug (Debug), networks, databases, information systems, encryption, applications, firmware, programming, object-oriented programming, using - storage - management,

Custom-tailored programs to accustom students' and candidates' specific needs.

Apply for us

Quantity:50 PEOPLE


Qualified participants will attend Japanese language education in our Makati office. Detailed training course below :

  1. Training objectives
    Training ended candidates are qualified to N2 in the Japanese - Language Proficiency Test. Aims to improve the ability to technically communicate with Japanese, not required to pass the exam.
  2. Training time
    About 9 to 12 months and end when satisfactory. Continuing education weekdays and 8 hours per day in the form of self-study and classroom study.
  3. Training costs


  1. Have graduated from university (request a certificate of graduation)
    Disciplines: Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical, and Information technology
    Detailed below:
    1. Mechanical includes:
    2. Structure, Chassis, Exterior, Interior, Plastic, Metal molds, Sheet metal, Engineering calculations, Experimental features, Engines, Machinery manufacturing, Engineering production technology, CAE analysis, 2D and 3DCAD.

    3. Electronics / Electrical includes:
    4. IC, LSI, MSK, Semi-conductor, Digital and analog circuit, Circuit board design, The power supply circuit, Logic design, Telecommunication, Image processing, Test evaluation, Checking reliability.

    5. Information technology includes:
    6. Engineering servers, Hardware and software drivers, Networks, Information systems, Encryption, Applications, Firmware, Programming, Debugging, Using storage management.

  2. Age: 32 years old or under, in good health without infections.
  3. Good English communication skills. Having Japanese language skills, an advantage!
  4. People can join the continuous learning every day, not be late, leave early.
  5. People do not have problems of living (subsistence, etc ..) for the duration of the training course participants Japanese.

Profile and interview

Profiles include:

  1. Application letter in English
  2. CV in English with a photo taken within the last 6 months.
  3. Copy of diploma college majors are being recruited and the relevant qualification (original collation was brought directly to the interview).
  4. Transcripts college
  5. ID


  1. Apply online or submit via email:  recruit-ph@yume-global.com
  2. Qualified candidates will be scheduled and will be invited to interview

About the Company

  1. YUMEGLOBAL CORP. has partnerships with Japanese Affiliates
  2. Yume Technology Corporation, JSC Yumeagent, is the largest company in Japan specialized in business in the field of outsourced professional engineer, engineer appointed to work at the construction site and affiliate companies, contract - Entrusted and introduced HR.
  3. YUMEGLOBAL CORP., a Japanese training program is a joint program offered by the Japanese associate company. Japanese training aims to prepare engineers to communicate with Japanese, capable Japanese for the recognition of the references written in Japanese.

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